Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week of Sept. 6

This week:
Tuesday- 'Free Form Drawings' on portfolios are due by the end of class. Rubrics are to be filled out and attached.  I will start grading these this week.
Wednesday- Vocabulary - Line Unit
Thursday - Start practice for next project.
Friday - Start next project

Please keep referring to this blog: www.artdecaddell.blogspot.com in order to keep up to date. Sometimes whatever I post onto my blog doesn't forward to my class FACEBOOK & TWITTER pages.

A copy of the RUBRIC that students are to fill out for their projects will be placed into the Handouts tab sometime today. RUBRICS are a tool to help with grading.  Students are to answer questions and evaluate their own work and give themselves scores accordingly. I will then look over their RUBRIC and their assignment and make changes if needed.


Free Form projects are due today by the end of class. Rubrics & criteria sheet is to be attached. I will start grading these this week.