Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This week!

Art one Portfolio projects were due on Monday. Students had until the end of class on Monday to finish. I started taping portfolios (to make them a pocket) that were ready to be taped.  Students have the opportunity to come in on their own time or if there is down-time in class to finish if they aren't finished. It is their responsibility to get it turned back in for a re-grade.

Tuesday - Art 1 - Students started exercising their brains again. Training their eyes to be an important tool when it comes to drawing. They created Contour lines of hands and objects. 

Wednesday -today- Art 1- Exercising the brain once again! Starting their next project "Upside Down Man" This will go on for a few days. They are encouraged to fill their paper and if parts of the guy doesn't fit, then that is okay. Tomorrow I will explain the rest of the criteria and that criteria will then be posted on here. 

Draw 3 & Pre-AP Classes - Portfolio projects are due Today Wednesday. They too are encouraged to come in and finish it on their own time. Starting tomorrow they will start thinking Contour lines and will then create a piece of art using just that, Contour Lines.