Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week of September 26

Just to catch you up to speed. I have been out this past Thursday and Friday due to a family emergency. My husband was involved in a plane crash Wednesday evening. He is alive and doing well. I however will be out of pocket from time to time throughout his healing process.
For the most part, my students have been doing great and there have been no problems, so I thank you for that. I went to work today to access and possibly mess and there wasn't any. So I was very grateful.

Okay, to catch you up. Grades. I will be updating the gradebook this week and talking with those who are missing things. I hope to have it all updated by Thursday since I more than likely will be out again Friday.

Art 1 Students will be finishing up their Upside Down Man project. And then I'm hoping to go over the Elements and Principles of Art and Design this week.

Art 3 Students are finishing up on their Contour Line/Action Contour projects. Then we will review over the Elements and Principles of Art and Design.

Floral Design will be finishing up on their MUMs/Garters. I have placed another order today for MUM Flowers and those will be in this week as well. I will start grading these on Monday of next week.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Catching up

Art 1's are getting all caught up today in class. If they are still needing time to finish anything we've worked on prior to today, they are being encouraged to come in for tutorials. Today I will be in room 219 after school until 4:45. Tomorrow morning before school I will be in Room 176.

Art 3's are starting or still preparing for their new Project. Contour Lines. I will still print pictures for them if they aren't able to. They are being told to send them to my e-mail.

Floral Design- just a few are finishing up their 4 backer practices. I am starting to visit with students one on one to discuss their backers to give pointers or suggestions for their real backer for their mum. Tomorrow I will give more instruction on how to complete a mum and then they are on their own on creating their Mum/Garter.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

finishing up 1st project....

Art 1 & Art 3 are finishing up their 1st project of the school year. I'm hoping they finish today, if not tomorrow.

Art 1 will be introduced to DESIGN today. They will receive a handout of a still-life and they are to fill it with as many designs as they can. This will be for a Formative Grade. Their next two major projects will deal with design.

Art 2 will be introduced to 1 of 2 options for their next project. They are to provide an image, printed, half sheet or full sheet. We will be reviewing different ways of shading tomorrow, then they are to use these ways in their next project.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Updated Grades

I just wanted to give you a heads up. Last Friday I was able to update the Gradebook for all Art classes as of Friday. I ran out of time for Floral Design. So today I will be updating those classes. There are quite a few holes in the books, so I am hoping to talk to these individuals this week to get that missing work. In the future, holes will be turned into Missings (MIS) or Incompletes (I) and then I will post grades in the class so students can get their work turned in.