Monday, September 28, 2015

Week of September 28-October 2


Art 1's are continuing their Bad Hair Day projects. Due date will be determined today.

Art 2's are starting their Zentangle Feather/Leaf about themselves, including other design/patterns. They are applying their drawing onto Watercolor paper then they will be applying Watercolor.

Art 3's are starting their Zentangle Animal. They were to of had an image ready by today to start their project. If they did not have their image ready, they lost points and valuable time on their project.

Link to PowerPoint shown in class. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Art 1- Pattern/Design

This week in Art 1 we are getting our mind wrapped around Pattern/Design. Students are given a handout of a Still-life and they are to fill it in with as many patterns/designs as they can. This is for a Formative Grade. Once they are finished, they are to then brainstorm/sketch out an idea for their Project (Summative). BAD HAIR DAY!

Click here for the link for the Powerpoint that was shown in class if the above link doesn't work.
Pattern/Design Powerpoint

Friday, September 18, 2015

Week of Sept 14-18

This week students in all of my classes have been working on Contour Line Projects.

Art 1- learning how to draw upside down (using the right side of their brain). Enlarging a Picasso drawing onto drawing paper. They were to then fill it in completely with color/pattern/designs. Due yesterday, however I gave today as a little catch-up day to allow more time to finish.

Art 2- Students are taking their knowledge of Contour Lines and an image of choice to enlarge onto a large piece of Drawing paper. They can use the Upside down concept if they'd like or grid it if they don't feel confident on drawing it free-hand. They are to then go over their cleaned up pencil lines with Sharpie/pen and then give value done with contour lines.

Art 3- Students are also taking their knowledge of Contour lines and capture Contour and Movement. There were to try to take images, select 5-7 frames and then draw them onto Watercolor paper. After they have drawn onto the Watercolor paper, they are to go over it with Sharpie/Pen then apply a pail/wash of watercolor.

Lessons along with examples are in the slide show link below.

Contour Line Projects

Friday, September 11, 2015

Grade Status

Grades will be posted by the end of the day for the first round of IPR/Progress Reports. I will be going through my gradebook today and reminder students of missing work. No Excuses.

Portfolios will be graded starting next week. If students still need to work on them after today, they will need to come in on their own time for Tutorials to finish them. (Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school).

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Contour Lines

Today We are learning how to DRAW WITH OUR EYES!!!!

ART 1: Learning about 3 different types of Contour Drawings. They are to then create 8 mini drawings. 2 Hands (looking), 2 Hands (Blindly), 2 objects (looking), 2 objects (blindly)

ART 2 & 3: They will be hopefully reviewing Contour Drawings, starting tomorrow.

I did a quick Demo after showing the following Powerpoint.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Elements and Principles

Here is the handout students were to fill out while watching the following PowerPoint.
Changes to be made: Proportion, Variety, Harmony were replaced with Contrast, Pattern, Movement (by itself, not with Rhythm)
basically, follow the PowerPoint. Students then put these into their portfolios.

Powerpoint Reviewed in class below.... click on link

Elements and Principles Powerpoint

Week of September 8

OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT!!!! I will be in my room from 6-8PM. Come see me!!!!

Art 1- Learning about the Elements and Principles. Powerpoint will be in another Blog post later today. Learning Drawing techniques using Line later this week. Starting new project.
Free Form Projects will be graded soon.

Art 2- Finishing up their Creative Lettering projects today. Reviewing Elements and Principles tomorrow. Reviewing how to Draw/Shade with Line. Starting new project.

Art 3- Working on their 'Artist's Style' project, due tomorrow. Reviewing Elements and Principles on Thursday along with reviewing how to Draw/Shade with Line. Starting new project.