Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are you Passing?

Reason I am asking this is because I am looking at the Drying rack and I still see paintings on there that were due a couple weeks ago. And I see several highlighted grades on the posted grade sheets, which means you are making something lower than an 80. We are in the home stretch children. We are all tired and ready for summer, but lets end the year with the knowledge that we PASSED ART!!!! If you are one that hadn't done the work because of various reasons, know that if you don't pass and have to retake this class, you'll have to endure all of the same projects that you decided not to do in the first place. That was a really long sentence.
So long story short- GET YOUR WORK TURNED IN!!! My motto still stands as, Something is better than Nothing. DON'T FAIL ART!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week of May 31

Grades are getting filled in today and will be updated in the system by Friday. The Scheme painting for both Art 1 & 2 along with Daily assignment that was given on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Students are being reminded today that they are missing their work. Some will need to come in for Tutoring either today or tomorrow to finish painting.

Daily Assignment - Stipple Practice