Tuesday, August 26, 2014


First Weeks aren't always the same but for me I try to keep it simple and Crazy FREE. The first couple days kids are still in a daze from summer, trying to figure out where to go, schedule changes and getting bombarded by the 'Nitty Gritty' of the school year.

I like to start out the week falling straight into getting creative and working on their first assignment.
My Art 1's and 3's are doing a Circle Activity and my Pre-Ap's are working on a still-life. I offered this also to my Art 3's so there are a few that have chosen to challenge themselves. :)

Today I am going over some Expectations of the class and informing my students about what they may be touching base on in here. Then they are to continue on their activity from yesterday. Those that finish they are to go onto another assignment about Personal Vows. Vows that they will hold on how to be in class and treat each other.

Tomorrow will be my Nitty Gritty!!! Rules and Procedures!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Thursday will be Social Media day. Media Releases and Personal Surveys.

Friday will be Journal Building day/Sketchbook outlines etc. And intro to our First Major Project.


Sunday, August 24, 2014


Wow has summer already passed? It sure went by fast! This year is going to to be a blast and I hope you are ready! If you are reading this it's because you already know this page exists. If you aren't reading this now... then you will be :)

For our first week I am just basically wanting to get to know you and your skills. You'll get to know me as well. My Pre-AP kiddos will start the week fresh with their very first Summative grade. Details as to that will be posted later this week.


See you all tomorrow!