Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grades/Finals/The end....

Grades have been posted today (on my cabinets for all to see). They are as update as I can get them. Students are now responsible for getting their missing work into me by this Friday, December 14th. If they are still needing tow work on something, they are to come into tutoring (Tuesdays and Thursdays before and after school). Just an FYI- grades were posted 2 weeks ago also.

Art 1 students are starting on a practice of Scratchboard. They are encouraged to bring in an image to use or they will have to pick form a stack of pictures I have.

Art 2 students are finishing up on their Paper Mache Christmas ornaments. Then they are going to start in on a Scratchboard project.

Semester Finals- Start next Tuesday.
Tuesday- 1st period exam
Wednesday- 3rd and 5th period exams
Thursday- 6th and 7th period exams
Friday- 2nd and 4th period exams

Friday the 14th is a late start and an early release. Check the school website for details.