Monday, January 27, 2014

Week of Jan 27

I'm hoping that everyone is well. What a great past couple of weeks. Students were excited to work on their Scratchboard Artwork which was due on Wednesday of last week. A few students were out for various reasons and weren't able to work on their work and get it turned in. Then we had a Snow day on Friday. Everyone will have the opportunity to get their work turned in  and if they need to still work on it they can come in for Tutoring to finish it.

GRADES. Grades have been updated as of today. As of today all that is in there are Weekly participation grades. I myself was out 2 days last week then out Friday and today, so I hadn't had a chance to go over what was done while the sub was here. So I will be a busy bee this week getting Summative grades and more participation grades into the gradebook. Then I will post grades for students to see what they are making and missing.

This week. We are getting into Portrait Mode. Students last week practiced drawing faces by looking at themselves in mirrors. This week I will go further into the lesson and teach how to draw features and how to make them look more realistic.