Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st Week of School

 Sorry this is late! Been kind of busy. :) So this Entry is a CATCH-UP for the week.

Art 1 & 2 are both doing the same thing this week for the most part. Getting to know you stuff etc.
We went over the Rules and Procedures. They will be receiving a copy of this to place into their Journals, which we will start building tomorrow (Friday). More information will be given as it's need to be given throughout the next few days/weeks.

On Wednesday my students created Personal Vows. It's my take on Capturing Kids Hearts (asking kids to create rules for the classroom, on how we will treat each other in the class).
Instead of creating a list of words, I found inspiration from Pinterest and they created Hands. Trace their hands and include symbols or words/phrases on what they will do in order to keep Room 219 a Great place to be in. 

My Examples

Pinterest Inspiration

I will then plaster these hands all over my room and students can look at them and be reminded of their personal Vow. 

Thursday - TODAY (my favorite day of the week)

Both Art 1 & 2 will be introduced to their first Major Project today. They will both be creating an image that will be put onto their Portfolios. They are to practice on Manilla paper first since they will only receive 1 sheet of Posterboard. 

Art 1 will be doing a Free Form drawing. Thinking outside the box. Looking for things within a scribble drawing. 

Student Example

Art 2 will be Creating Font to Illustrate their names. They are to Modify already created Font or come up with their own. 
Student Example