Monday, March 30, 2015

Week of March 30

Today and Wednesday we have STAAR testing on our Campus. English 1 & 2. We in art class however will be starting a new project in Art 1 and Continuing a project in my Upper Levels.
NO WORRIES if you miss class or instructions to the projects due to testing. I will get you caught up to speed once you return and I will give plenty of time to get these done. 

RADIAL DESIGN- Art ones were introduced to this project this past Friday with Step 1, which is Brainstorm. They are to brainstorm and complete a handout with 5 blank triangles on it. 
Today, I introduced Step 2- take your favorite from the 5 triangles and trace that design onto a piece of square tracing paper, onto 1 triangle. (fold tracing paper in 1/2 3 times)

I will go over the other steps throughout the week. 5 steps total. 

PreAP & Draw 3 - They are continuing their Creative Free Draw projects. I am projecting this to be due this Friday, however, if I see they are needing more time to finish up their masterpieces, I will extend it. 

Testing Schedule and Displaced class lists have been posted on my calendar!!!!!