Tuesday, October 16, 2012

That's how the Cookie Crumbles

Students have been scrambling today- Teachers dislike this week so much. It's the last week of the grading period. This is when students who haven't done what was required of them to make the passing grade, come pouring out of the woodwork, wanting to know what they can do to make up their failing grade. I have to remind them that I have posted grades twice within the last 3 weeks, and they have had plenty of opportunities to turn anything in. And get this- I actually allow them to finish or fix their work and turn it back in to make a higher grade, and students still don't get the picture that they CAN PASS MY CLASS!!!! And then they are wanting a regrade on their Daily Journals, when they were told that grades would be taken and posted by today. I gave them a reminder on Friday, October 12th and on Monday, October 15th to get weeks 1-7 completed. Verbal reminders, visual reminders.... how else can I remind.

So Please- REMEMBER for the 2nd 9 weeks. Please use your time wisely in my class, I give you plenty of time to get your work done in class and I allow missing work to be turned in without points deducted. There is no excuse to fail my class. I want you all to do well and learn to draw in the process.

Art one projects due