Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6 Different Ways to Shade

Today my students are either Refreshing their memory on the Different ways to shade or they are learning it for the first time. Today I will Demo to the Art 1 kiddos and remind my Art 2 kiddos. If they have any questions I will be glad to answer them and help as much as I can.

Art 1 will be completing this hand out. First with Pencil then they are to pick 3 of their choice and do those in Pen.
My example. Done in Sharpie on Transparency, so please forgive my
Smudge (Sharpies don't smudge well)
Art 2 are to take Circles and turn them into Spheres using the same 6 Different ways of shading. 

Tomorrow Students will finish these handouts and then they can possibly move onto a Project.