Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Putting things into....

Perspective... Literally! 

All classes are either getting refreshed on the concept, or learning it for the first time. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Week before THANKSGIVING

This week is nuts. 

Art 1- Contour Shoe Projects due at the end of class. Students have been told that if they need extra time, they will need to come in to Tutoring either on Tuesday or Wednesday to finish up.
Art 2- Students are continuing their Masks. Either painting their first or second layer of Gesso or they are adding their designs onto it.

Art 1- Students will participate in a Demo Day on Perspective. 1pt, 2pt and if there is time we'll briefly cover 3pt. Students will begin a 1pt Perspective project on Wednesday.
Art 2- Students are taking a brief Quiz over Perspective. To show me what they know. It's not for a grade, just participation. I need to know what I need to reteach before they start their 2 or 3pt Perspective project. (I am finding that the Art 2 kiddos that had Art 1 int he Jr. High level, don't quite know what they are doing :(
Students are to then continue their masks.

Art 1- Students will finish Demo Day if we didn't finish on Tuesday. They will then be introduced to their 1pt Perspective Project.
Art 2- I will be reviewing/Reteaching Perspective. Hopefully this won't take the entire class period.
Students will then continue their Masks.

Thursday- EARLY RELEASE- Classes are shortened. Both Classes will do what they can do in this timeframe.
Art 2- will be introduced to their 2 or 3pt Projects.

Friday- I will not be here. So all classes are to be working on their Perspective Projects.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shame on 3rd period

Students in my 3rd period class have lost painting privileges today, unless they are to write the following statement 3 times on notebook paper. 
'I know better than to disrespect Art supplies in my Art Class. I know that I am responsible to wash out my brushes and put away supplies. Mrs Caddell is not my mother and shouldn't have to clean up after me. I also know that if I see others acting non responsibly, I am just as guilty not saying something.' 


FRIDAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR PAPER MACHE, unless by some miracle whatever is left by the end of the day is still usable by Monday. But don't count on it. I am not making anymore fresh stuff.
If you are behind, I suggest you actually get your artistic self to the Paper Mache table and put your needed layers on before Friday! I will be here for Tutoring today after school. Use your time wisely!!!!
Don't tell me later that the two weeks that were given to you weren't enough time when you don't even have a layer of it on your mask.

Sorry for sound harsh, but it's tiring me to see those of you who are wasting your time on this simple fun project.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week of November 12

PArt 1- continuing their Contour Shoe Watercolor projects. 

Art 2- continuing their Mask Projects. 
Both Art 1 & 2 - GRADES were posted/updated last week. And posted in the classroom. Please check your grades. I will be reporting Art 1 grades tomorrow. I will be putting your Drawing Exercises into the system today.