Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week of Feb 24

Starting the color Unit. 

Art 1 creating color wheels and artwork based of new knowledge of mixing colors. 

Art 2 are recreating a master work using their favorite color scheme. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week of Feb. 3

Just to get this out there. I feel like a real slacker. These past couple of weeks have been a blur for me as a teacher and I do apologize for my actions. I don't normally lag on time on getting things graded and entered. I had great intentions on getting projects graded this past weekend then forgot my things in the office as I left on Friday. OOPS...

Today I am remind students that their Scratchboards, Mirror Practices and Grid practice/Review is to be turned in today before they leave. I am working as quick as I can today to get caught up along with teaching/reviewing and prepping supplies for their current projects.

Both Art 1 & 2 are working on Portraits.
Art 1- are working with Pencil with pictures of themselves that I took myself and printed for them.
Art 2- are working on Charcoal Reverse Drawings with either pictures they took of themselves or of another person. If they don't have an image ready by now, they are losing participation and Homework credit. They've had a month to bring an image in or to e-mail it to me to print for them. They've been reminded every day.