Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This week started the Journal Entries. Daily ritual for my classroom. Each day is something different and students are required to complete their Journals in order to earn a Formative Completion grade at the midway point of the grading period and then earn a Summative Completion grade at the end of the grading period. I provide them with the folders and the handouts. They simply come in each day and read the Journal Board and jot down what it says or asks to do. Here are the categories.

Mondays- Vocabulary day. A word(s) and definition(s)
Tuesdays- Guided drawing on what they are currently doing as a project. (mini-sketch)
Wednesdays- Artist's Quotes or quotes about Art/Creativity. Or anything I find interesting :)
Thursdays- Free Draw (mini-sketch)
Fridays- Reflection days (reflect about what is going on in class or it doesn't have to)

Completion Grade is the Key!!! This is not meant to take up the entire class and students have been told that if it does take them the entire class period, then they are talking too much and can lose Daily Participation.

Week of September 2

Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was chaotic with having no AC in my room and the majority of the school. Today so far our room is staying steady at 81 degrees, but I brought in another fan and it's not feeling as bad.

This week started with Tuesday.

Both Art 1 and 2 are Continuing their Portfolio projects. They are coming out quite nicely. I am telling my students that Friday is a Goal date to try to have it ready to be taped (to create a pocket folder). If they finish sooner, I'll be ready to tape them starting tomorrow.
They also have been told today that if they aren't on a Posterboard yet for this project, then they could possibly lose some points on their grade.

T-Shirt Contest "Wake Up Wednesday". This is the theme of this year's Mandatory School-wide Tutorial Day. All teachers will be found available on campus on Wednesday afternoons until 4:45. The Art Department was approached to come up with a design for the t-shirts to be worn by Faculty/Staff. I have made this an extra Credit assignment. Students are to get me their designs by Friday of this week. Monday we will vote for the top 5 and then I will submit them to the T-shirt committee on Tuesday.

Seating Charts- I am in the process of creating these. For the most part I hadn't had to remind many to get on task. So they are staying put. :)