Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Naughty List

This may sound harsh, but this is a teacher that is venting. I just spent time grading Exams of those who were able to use their notes. It was an OPEN NOTE EXAM... prior to today we spent more time 'copying' vocabulary and terms word for word from the overhead and they were able to use these on their exams. I then created an exam 'word for word' to the vocabulary given. You would of thought I gave a completely different subject test. I'm so disappointed.

Then today is the last day for my 1st period to turn in their work. I reminded them they needed to turn in their Color Wheel project. Instead of getting their work, they sit there and goof off and play on their devices. It's not until 20 minutes before the bell that I call out the kids that are still missing theirs that they finally scramble and get their work together.

Sorry for venting.