Friday, September 7, 2012

Images Posted

I have just posted a sampling of the first assignment we did for this school year onto the Class Facebook Page. The assignment was called Circle Activity. Students were given a handout with 12 blank circles on it. They were to use their imagination and Artistic skills to fill in the circles. They were allowed to draw inside, outside or connect. Drawings also didn't have to be circular. This assignment helps me with the first few projects to see what my students are capable of. Since there aren't any "right" answers or an Answer Key to use when grading Art projects, I have to grade on talent and improvement.

Their grades have been posted into E-School and students will receive this handout back on Monday. It was graded as a completion grade. They will have an opportunity to finish this if they didn't and turn it back in. However, they won't be reminded.

Here is the Link to the album on the Class Facebook Page. Art de Caddell Circle Activity