Friday, December 13, 2013

Did you?

You didn't put your name on your work and have now lost 10 points. ALL PROJECTS ARE DUE TODAY!!!!! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week of Dec 9

Students are continuing their Perspective projects. Progress Reports are going out today. Grades were posted in class yesterday and probably will be posted again later this week. I will be entering Mask Grades for Art 2 starting today. 

Next week we will be taking Semester Exams. All projects are due by this Friday in order to be put into the system for Report Cards. 

Art 1 Projects are Due Tomorrow. They will then start practicing for a project they will begin after the holiday break. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome back... from the holiday weekend.

We've only got 3 weeks to go until our next holiday break. I hope you rested up, because we are going to be busy. EVERYTHING is due next Friday, December 13. In order for me to see what is missing and so you can have that opportunity to pass.

Art 1- Students are continuing their Bird's Eye View perspective projects. I am hoping to tell them tomorrow when these will be due.

Art 2- Students are either finishing up with their masks or working on their perspective projects. They have been reminded to use their time wisely so they get what they need finished by next Friday.

Final Exams will be the week of December 17. Students will have an Open Journal Exam. So they are encouraged to get caught up. Journals entries can be found under the Journals Tab on this Blog.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Putting things into....

Perspective... Literally! 

All classes are either getting refreshed on the concept, or learning it for the first time. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Week before THANKSGIVING

This week is nuts. 

Art 1- Contour Shoe Projects due at the end of class. Students have been told that if they need extra time, they will need to come in to Tutoring either on Tuesday or Wednesday to finish up.
Art 2- Students are continuing their Masks. Either painting their first or second layer of Gesso or they are adding their designs onto it.

Art 1- Students will participate in a Demo Day on Perspective. 1pt, 2pt and if there is time we'll briefly cover 3pt. Students will begin a 1pt Perspective project on Wednesday.
Art 2- Students are taking a brief Quiz over Perspective. To show me what they know. It's not for a grade, just participation. I need to know what I need to reteach before they start their 2 or 3pt Perspective project. (I am finding that the Art 2 kiddos that had Art 1 int he Jr. High level, don't quite know what they are doing :(
Students are to then continue their masks.

Art 1- Students will finish Demo Day if we didn't finish on Tuesday. They will then be introduced to their 1pt Perspective Project.
Art 2- I will be reviewing/Reteaching Perspective. Hopefully this won't take the entire class period.
Students will then continue their Masks.

Thursday- EARLY RELEASE- Classes are shortened. Both Classes will do what they can do in this timeframe.
Art 2- will be introduced to their 2 or 3pt Projects.

Friday- I will not be here. So all classes are to be working on their Perspective Projects.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shame on 3rd period

Students in my 3rd period class have lost painting privileges today, unless they are to write the following statement 3 times on notebook paper. 
'I know better than to disrespect Art supplies in my Art Class. I know that I am responsible to wash out my brushes and put away supplies. Mrs Caddell is not my mother and shouldn't have to clean up after me. I also know that if I see others acting non responsibly, I am just as guilty not saying something.' 


FRIDAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR PAPER MACHE, unless by some miracle whatever is left by the end of the day is still usable by Monday. But don't count on it. I am not making anymore fresh stuff.
If you are behind, I suggest you actually get your artistic self to the Paper Mache table and put your needed layers on before Friday! I will be here for Tutoring today after school. Use your time wisely!!!!
Don't tell me later that the two weeks that were given to you weren't enough time when you don't even have a layer of it on your mask.

Sorry for sound harsh, but it's tiring me to see those of you who are wasting your time on this simple fun project.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week of November 12

PArt 1- continuing their Contour Shoe Watercolor projects. 

Art 2- continuing their Mask Projects. 
Both Art 1 & 2 - GRADES were posted/updated last week. And posted in the classroom. Please check your grades. I will be reporting Art 1 grades tomorrow. I will be putting your Drawing Exercises into the system today. 

Friday, October 18, 2013


Journal Grade Checks!! 
All Grades will be updated by the end of today! I will be posting grades on Monday so students can see what's missing. The end of the grading period is next FRIDAY!!! 

Art 1- starting a new project today. 
Sugar Skulls!!! In honor of a loved one or themselves. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week of October 14

Art 1 students are finishing up their Bad Hair Day projects. We will then go into Contour Drawing.

Art 2 students are finishing up their Feather/Leaf projects and then they are going to start on their Design Animal projects. They are to pick an animal that has great texture then draw it out and fill it in with designs/patters to represent the texture.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's Art 1 doing this week

Today I am giving my Art 1's who still need to work on their Value Projects time to finish it.

They are to then start creating design patterns to get them ready for the Project Bad Hair Day.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Week of September 30

WOW- tomorrow is October!!!!

This week:
Art 1 is finishing up a project today. Their Value Projects are Due at the end of class.
Tomorrow they will be introduced to the next project. Examples will be posted tomorrow.

Art 2- finishing up their White on Black drawings. They are to then start sketching ideas out for their next project.

GRADES ARE POSTED!!!! UIL GRADE CHECK IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!! any ID numbers that are highlighted are to come to tutoring on Tuesday to work on things they need to finish in order to be considered passing!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Grades were updated and posted in my class yesterday. ID numbers that are highlighted have the fun task of Mandatory Tutoring, unless they can find their work and turn it in.


***IMPACT AID*** forms were handed out today.
These forms need to be filled out by Parents/Guardians in a timely manner.
Incentives: Return by tomorrow and you will receive a Couple to take away 4 Minor Violations (tardies, dress code, id). If my 2nd period returns all of theirs by Friday, September 27, we will get a PIZZA PARTY!!!!
I've gotten this for the past 4 years!!! Let's keep it going!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

New Project

students were introduced to a new concept yesterday. How to create contrast by using Value (smudge). They were able to practice the technique along with practicing using an Ebony Pencil.

Art two students are starting on another Highlighting project.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Journal Check

The First of 2 Journal Checks will be this Friday, September 20. I will be checking for Completion and if they have completed everything, a FREE 100 will be given.

I have what is required in the Daily Journals in the Journal Tab at the top of this page.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week of Sept 16

Students are continuing their projects from last week.
Art 1's project is Due Wednesday.

Grades have been posted in my class. I have informed my students the steps to follow when things come up missing on the Grade Sheet.

Art Club starts tomorrow in room 219 and will last until 4:45. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6 Different Ways to Shade

Today my students are either Refreshing their memory on the Different ways to shade or they are learning it for the first time. Today I will Demo to the Art 1 kiddos and remind my Art 2 kiddos. If they have any questions I will be glad to answer them and help as much as I can.

Art 1 will be completing this hand out. First with Pencil then they are to pick 3 of their choice and do those in Pen.
My example. Done in Sharpie on Transparency, so please forgive my
Smudge (Sharpies don't smudge well)
Art 2 are to take Circles and turn them into Spheres using the same 6 Different ways of shading. 

Tomorrow Students will finish these handouts and then they can possibly move onto a Project. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week of Sept. 9


Monday- We are going over the Elements of Art. I'm showing a brief Powerpoint and having my students copy the definitions and jot down examples.

my handout in my Journal folder
Tomorrow, I will be starting the Value Unit. We will be learning about the different ways to shade, then taking this knoweledge to create Artwork. 
My example. Done in Sharpie on Transparency, so please forgive my
Smudge (Sharpies don't smudge well)

Friday, September 6, 2013


Today is Reflection Friday!!! I look back at now 2 weeks of school under our belts and think "Wow, I've got a great group of kids this year!!!!!!"

I am placing a link to the Journal Page HERE so you can keep up with the Journal No excuses to not having this completed when Grade Checks come up!!!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This week started the Journal Entries. Daily ritual for my classroom. Each day is something different and students are required to complete their Journals in order to earn a Formative Completion grade at the midway point of the grading period and then earn a Summative Completion grade at the end of the grading period. I provide them with the folders and the handouts. They simply come in each day and read the Journal Board and jot down what it says or asks to do. Here are the categories.

Mondays- Vocabulary day. A word(s) and definition(s)
Tuesdays- Guided drawing on what they are currently doing as a project. (mini-sketch)
Wednesdays- Artist's Quotes or quotes about Art/Creativity. Or anything I find interesting :)
Thursdays- Free Draw (mini-sketch)
Fridays- Reflection days (reflect about what is going on in class or it doesn't have to)

Completion Grade is the Key!!! This is not meant to take up the entire class and students have been told that if it does take them the entire class period, then they are talking too much and can lose Daily Participation.

Week of September 2

Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was chaotic with having no AC in my room and the majority of the school. Today so far our room is staying steady at 81 degrees, but I brought in another fan and it's not feeling as bad.

This week started with Tuesday.

Both Art 1 and 2 are Continuing their Portfolio projects. They are coming out quite nicely. I am telling my students that Friday is a Goal date to try to have it ready to be taped (to create a pocket folder). If they finish sooner, I'll be ready to tape them starting tomorrow.
They also have been told today that if they aren't on a Posterboard yet for this project, then they could possibly lose some points on their grade.

T-Shirt Contest "Wake Up Wednesday". This is the theme of this year's Mandatory School-wide Tutorial Day. All teachers will be found available on campus on Wednesday afternoons until 4:45. The Art Department was approached to come up with a design for the t-shirts to be worn by Faculty/Staff. I have made this an extra Credit assignment. Students are to get me their designs by Friday of this week. Monday we will vote for the top 5 and then I will submit them to the T-shirt committee on Tuesday.

Seating Charts- I am in the process of creating these. For the most part I hadn't had to remind many to get on task. So they are staying put. :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st Week of School

 Sorry this is late! Been kind of busy. :) So this Entry is a CATCH-UP for the week.

Art 1 & 2 are both doing the same thing this week for the most part. Getting to know you stuff etc.
We went over the Rules and Procedures. They will be receiving a copy of this to place into their Journals, which we will start building tomorrow (Friday). More information will be given as it's need to be given throughout the next few days/weeks.

On Wednesday my students created Personal Vows. It's my take on Capturing Kids Hearts (asking kids to create rules for the classroom, on how we will treat each other in the class).
Instead of creating a list of words, I found inspiration from Pinterest and they created Hands. Trace their hands and include symbols or words/phrases on what they will do in order to keep Room 219 a Great place to be in. 

My Examples

Pinterest Inspiration

I will then plaster these hands all over my room and students can look at them and be reminded of their personal Vow. 

Thursday - TODAY (my favorite day of the week)

Both Art 1 & 2 will be introduced to their first Major Project today. They will both be creating an image that will be put onto their Portfolios. They are to practice on Manilla paper first since they will only receive 1 sheet of Posterboard. 

Art 1 will be doing a Free Form drawing. Thinking outside the box. Looking for things within a scribble drawing. 

Student Example

Art 2 will be Creating Font to Illustrate their names. They are to Modify already created Font or come up with their own. 
Student Example


Friday, August 23, 2013


Where did the Summer Go!?!?!?!
If you are Reading this,
    1-you are either a Former Student who won't have me again, and I will miss you, please visit me or           keep up with me -
    2-A Former student who has me again - Welcome Back!
    3- A New student that may of found my Blog off of the School website - Welcome and I look                   forward to having you in class this year.

Be prepared for a Fun year, or at least that is my intention. :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week of May 28

I hope you all feel refreshed after our 3 day weekend.
This week all classes are to continue their Project Exams. They are due No later than this Friday, in order for me to get them graded and in the grade-book when it's suppose to be.
Reminder you are to be creating a book out of simple supplies, giving examples and definitions of all of the Elements and Principles of Art.
Have fun with it and remember you get Bonus points for added creativity.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Week of April 29

Sorry for being MIA...
This week I am trying to access which classes still need time to work. With last week being TAKS testing, half of my classes weren't able to work on their projects. Then next week with more testing, my classes will be behind yet again.
I'm hoping to give my classes a more accurate due date tomorrow. Then hopefully get started on another project.

Students are still working on either Scratch Boards or Collages (parts 1 & 2).

Grades were posted last week. And I've had some work turned in. Grades are due this week for progress reports.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week of April 8th

Art 1 Illumination Projects and Art 2 Graffiti projects are due this Thursday at the end of class.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week of April 1

This week is STAARS testing week. So it's a bit nuts.

Art 1 & Art 2 will begin a new project this week. Both dealing with Lettering.

Art 1 will begin an Illumination project. Examples and instructions will be posted later.

Art 2 will being a Graffiti project (on paper, not walls) They are to take their favorite Song- either the title or Lyric and Illustrate it however they can. If they didn't have something ready for today, they were to pick from my list of Nursery Rhymes.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 10 of the Second Semester

WELCOME BACK!!!! I hope Spring Break was good to you!!! Mine was busy, but a much needed break. Are you ready for this final Grading Period???? It's going to go by fast!!!

Today I will talk to my students about grades. About how this is the time to not get lazy. They are going to be reminded that even if they didn't pass the first Semester, they can still pull through and gain credit- if they have a high enough Average this Second Semester. They will also be told that if they didn't pass for the 3rd 9 weeks, they can still get credit of this 4th grading period average is high enough to average to a passing. SOOOOOOOOOO.... like I said- this is NOT the time to get lazy.
Even for those who are passing and have been passing- keep up the great work and do your best!!!

Project starter for the last grading period. I took note as to what students mentioned in their Weekly Journals. Many mentioned doing a FREE DRAW project. So that is what we are doing first.

- Pick your object (Person, Animal, Flower, Landscape) NO CARTOONS.... I will need to approve their image before they begin.
- Pick your paper size (12x18 or 18x24)
- Pick your Media (Pencil, Ebony or Pen)
- Detail is what I'm looking for.
- Free draw or Grid, that is up to you
-Due sometime next week.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Week of March 4

Art 2 students are working on their Masterpiece Collage.

Art 1 is working on their Mandala/Radial Design porject.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Week of February 25

Art 1- Students will start their Radial Design/Mandala Projects. They will pick a sketch out of the 5 they did this past Friday. I will be showing them the correct way of doing a Mandala.

Art 2- Students are wrapping up their Watercolor Still-life Projects. They will be due on Wednesday, February 27. I will be showing them what their next project will be today so they can start thinking about what they will want to do.
Their next project will consist of a Masterpiece of choice recreated using Collage.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week of February 19

Art 1- Continuing their Still Life Drawings. They will be due tomorrow at the end of class.

Art 2- Continuing their Still Life Drawings- then they are to Watercolor them.

UIL grade updates were this past weekend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updated Journal Check

Journal Check will be this Friday, February 15 instead of last week. So a completion of weeks 1-6 will be graded for a formative grade. Journal entries may be found in the Journal tab.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Week of Feb 11

Art 1- today is the last day to work on their Design Project.

Both Art 1 & 2- starting a Still-life project. Art 1 will draw it out and use shading techniques to finish it.
Art 2 will draw then use Watercolors to finish it out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Grades have been uploaded for Progress Reports. Only a handful of students turned in missing work today. 1 person came in after school to work on something. The other 6 that said they were coming to work didn't show up. Grades were posted yesterday in class to show what was missing. Just an FYI. Oh and Art 2 students... Your Charcoal project, just a reminder- it's worth 2 Summative grades since we are going into week 4 of this assignment.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Week of Feb 4

Art 1- students are continuing their Design Projects.
Grades are being put into the system today for Portraits and for their Design handouts.

Art 2- Charcoal projects are due this Friday. I will be taking two Summative grades for this project, since we have taken so long on them.

Journal Check will be this Friday for all classes. Formative Grade for now, then a Summative grade will be given at the of the 9 weeks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This week

ART ONE: Portrait Projects were due yesterday by the end of class. If students were absent during this project, they will need to make time to come in during tutoring times to do get caught up.

ART TWO: There was a Charcoal Project check yesterday/today. Students were to be to the point of erasing out their details by yesterday. If they weren't to this point, they didn't receive the full credit.

Today, Art 1 are practicing/Brainstorming designs and patterns for their next project.

{GRADES WERE POSTED LAST TUESDAY IN CLASS, I have only received a couple projects from those students who were missing something}

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week of January 21

Tuesday-Friday: All Students/Classes are to continue with their portrait projects.

GRADES!!! Grades have been updated. These grades are reflected from projects/participation as of Friday, Jan 18. Grades will be posted in class Tuesday for students to see what they are missing. Art 2 students work from Friday while I was out and had a sub, will be graded tomorrow and added as soon as I can.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well. The Flu bug made her visit with my family and hit both my daughter and myself. I was not able to make it as a chaperone on Friday's field trip. But I am feeling better and my daughter has been free from fever for over 24 hours, so I hope to be at work tomorrow. Being sick is the pits and I missed my students!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heads up for Tomorrow & Grade status

Tomorrow (Friday, January 18, 2013) I will be out chaperoning a field trip. Art 1 students are to continue their project. Art 2, will have an alternate assignment since their current project is rather messy and I don't want give my substitute a heart attack. What they will be doing will be completed during class and turned in at the end of the class for a grade.

Grade status- I am 1.5 Art 1 classes away from getting Scratch Art projects graded. I hoped to of gotten them all finished this afternoon, but something came up and I was not able to. I will be taking it all home and hoping to have the gradebook completely updated by Tuesday.

Reminder that we have a 3 day weekend this weekend, no school on Monday, January 21. I hope everyone has a great weekend and returns back safely.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Art 1 Grade update

Scratch-Art projects were due last week. I however have not been able to get them graded. I hope to get to them tomorrow. Since they were turned in we've jumped right into new lessons that require lots of attention. So if you see a blank in the gradebook it should be filled soon. Weekly Participation descriptions have been entered through the end of this grading period and will be filled also.

Next Step in Portraits

Art 1- today we will learn how to give 3d form to a face.
Art 2- gridding out charcoaled paper

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Testing 1 2 3

Testing to see if my RSS feed has been fixed...

Friday, January 11, 2013


Okay- I don't know what the deal is. My RSS feed is not automatically posting to my Twitter or Facebook accounts. I am working on that.

For today and Monday-

Art 1- Day 2 of Grid Practice and on Monday they will recieve their portaits and will start gridding out their images and their project paper.

Art 2- Last day to review/practice gridding and will practice Charcoal. I will be taking pictures of the students who did not have an image ready for today. I call it my 'Just in Case' group of portraits. I will have their image 'just in case' they don't bring one in on Monday. If they do not have an image for this Charcoal project ready or if they refused to allow me to take their portrait, they will receive an automatic Zero for their Summative grade. Monday, they will start prepping their project paper for their project.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art 2

Today- review grid, provide picture for practice. Demo on eyes.
Tomorrow- continue practice along with working with charcoal procedures and practice.
Thursday- continue charcoal practice.
Friday- prepare drawing paper to begin project on Monday.

Art 1

Today- continue scratch board. Due tomorrow at the end of class.
Tomorrow- projects due, I will begin to take students portraits for their upcoming self-portrait project.
Thursday- lesson on gridding. Demonstration day
Friday- demonstration day on creating facial features.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1 of Spring Semester!!!

I am glad to be back!
All classes will follow today's plan refer to images.