Friday, September 18, 2015

Week of Sept 14-18

This week students in all of my classes have been working on Contour Line Projects.

Art 1- learning how to draw upside down (using the right side of their brain). Enlarging a Picasso drawing onto drawing paper. They were to then fill it in completely with color/pattern/designs. Due yesterday, however I gave today as a little catch-up day to allow more time to finish.

Art 2- Students are taking their knowledge of Contour Lines and an image of choice to enlarge onto a large piece of Drawing paper. They can use the Upside down concept if they'd like or grid it if they don't feel confident on drawing it free-hand. They are to then go over their cleaned up pencil lines with Sharpie/pen and then give value done with contour lines.

Art 3- Students are also taking their knowledge of Contour lines and capture Contour and Movement. There were to try to take images, select 5-7 frames and then draw them onto Watercolor paper. After they have drawn onto the Watercolor paper, they are to go over it with Sharpie/Pen then apply a pail/wash of watercolor.

Lessons along with examples are in the slide show link below.

Contour Line Projects